QuotaSmash develops sophisticated and unconventional software tools that leverage sales and recruiting professionals’ time in extraordinary ways.


The QuotaSmash JobHarvester/Prospect Builder…

Is a one of a kind application that empowers recruiters to know who’s hiring, where they’re hiring and who they’re hiring by harvesting data from major job boards… but we don’t stop there… we use logic, algorithms and data sources to acquire the information about the companies hiring so you can make intelligent target marketing decisions including key decision makers with full contact details : email, phone and postal address.

What would take a staff of 5 full time researches weeks to compile and tens of thousands dollars spent on data appending (emails, phones) our software does in a matter of hours for “dollars”. All compiled in a CSV format ready for import and mail merge ready formatted into your favorite CRM/ATS or marketing automation app.

Watch a quick demo video here


The QuotaSmash Dialer…

Allows you to highlight and click on any phone number and dial in Windows including your CRM or ANY Applicant tracking system. Most incredibly you can record up to 5 unique voicemail messages and “lay-down” voicemail for client prospecting or candidate recruitment. Where most recruiters are lucky to reach 30-40 calls per day our Click and PowerDialer solutions will allows you to reach up to 100 contacts per day, speak to clients/candidates on crystal clear business grade VOIP (using your own caller ID) and f you get a voicemail seamlessly lay-down “perfect, enthusiastic” voicemail messages every time, and while the voicemail is “laying-down” on line A you the dialer releases you to make your next call on line B. Our dialer has advanced feature like global call recording of all users, whisper/coach and power/predictive solutions as well.

All of this software was created by a 20 year tech-savvy BIG BILLER for big billers.

Watch a quick demo video here